A New Sustainability Initiative: A Partnership with Circular Computing

A New Sustainability Initiative: A Partnership with Circular Computing

CircleIT is proud to announce its partnership with Circular Computing, as it embarks on a new sustainability initiative to deliver carbon neutral, repurposed, and remanufactured laptops to companies across the globe. At CircleIT, we are excited to align our mission with Circular Computing’s as we strive to build a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible way to purchase enterprise-grade information technology (IT) products. 


Located in the United Kingdom, Circular Computing focuses on remanufacturing and repairing electronic devices and laptops. 70 percent of laptops currently disposed of could be reused but only 20 percent currently are. Circular Computing’s mission is to change that by giving these devices new life. Their unique and carbon neutral remanufacturing process results in premium-grade second-use products that look, feel and perform like new, reducing the need and desire to purchase a brand new laptop or device over a high quality, and more affordable, repurposed one.

CircleIT’s burgeoning environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and digital offering programs have drastically accelerated the number of laptops that it can repurpose to help fuel the circular economy. And through its partnership with Circular Computing, repurposed devices sent to Circular Computing, will diminish the need for the production of new laptops that have a significant strain on our climate, natural resources, and water quality. 


Every laptop purchased as part of Circular Computing’s initiative will be carbon neutral certified by ISO 14064-1 and the GHG Protocol. In addition, for every laptop purchased, Circular Computing will plant ten trees (a key climate solution to drawing down carbon emissions) and contribute to clean energy projects. The impacts of this program are significant. Purchasing a repurposed and remanufactured laptop repaired through this process will save enough drinking water to serve an average American for 700 years and avoid the equivalent carbon emissions of 80 cars on the road. 

With growing pressure from employees, activists, and regulators for corporations to prioritize sustainability, CircleIT and Circular Computing are providing companies a chance to do just that. When participating enterprises purchase a repurposed and remanufactured laptop or send old and broken laptops to CircleIT, they can include the environmental gains on their sustainability reporting. Now corporate sustainability offices can incorporate the purchasing of electronics and responsible disposal/repurposing into their sustainability plans while showing stakeholders they care. 


As a B-Corporation, CircleIT understands that just one remanufactured laptop makes a world of difference. With the accelerating e-waste crisis, natural resource shortages, and climate change, it is time that we rethink our linear take, make, and waste economy in favor of a more circular model. Circular Computing’s initiative in partnership with CircleIT is laying the groundwork for companies to embed circularity into their supply chains while reaping the environmental gains on their public-facing reporting. 


To read more about CircleIT’s partnership with Circular Computing and to find out about how your company can benefit, click here