CircleIT Is Improving its Digital Solution for a Remote World

CircleIT Is Improving its Digital Solution for a Remote World

CircleIT is excited to launch the expansion of its digital solution to include an industry-first 1-click automated self-erasure. This add-on gives individuals and corporations a simpler and more secure remote technology disposal method through the ability to erase all data on a device with one click prior to shipping. As corporations adjust to more remote and hybrid workforces, CircleIT’s digital solution will enable its clients to execute their unique tech disposal programs seamlessly and cost effectively, while also empowering them to improve their sustainability and security metrics.

When compared to the traditional box-and-label method, CircleIT’s digital solution is better for the environment, saves time, is cost-effective, enhances data security, and most importantly preserves the integrity of the devices, which increases the likelihood that devices may be repurposed.

The traditional box-and-label method for electronics collection has become obsolete in today’s acceleratingly remote world. Corporate information technology (IT) managers are being forced to collect company electronics from remote workers through a series of convoluted steps. These steps include shipping empty boxes to employees, requiring them to self-pack the devices and then ship them back to IT managers. After receiving these devices, IT managers must repackage improperly packed devices before shipping them to the ITAD vendor. This process puts the integrity of the devices at risk and adds additional shipping costs, carbon emissions, and employee hours to the endeavor.



CircleIT is upending this system for one that makes more sense for companies, their employees, and the climate. All while encouraging more circularity in the disposal of electronic devices. With our digital solution, IT managers only need to email remote employees a code to register their devices with CircleIT. Employees then have the option of erasing their devices themselves via CircleIT’s brand-new 1-click automated self-erasure. Finally, employees drop their device off at one of our partner FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers where a trained FedEx employee will then securely pack and ship the device to CircleIT’s processing facility. All erasure reports are immediately added to the Client Portal so IT managers can effectively monitor their program.

The benefits to our corporate clients and their employees don’t end at the conclusion of shipping. Companies can also reap the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benefits CircleIT accumulates from repurposing old, slow, and unused electronics. The benefits and data acquired can help companies meet arduous climate change commitments and tackle their scope 3 emissions. In turn, this can enhance positive relations with external stakeholders and endear the 65 percent of employees who want to work for an organization that has robust environmental policies.

CircleIT is creating a circular economy but doesn’t pretend it can go it alone. It wants to encourage its clients to follow suit by making it simple, accessible, and logical to do so. CircleIT’s digital solution reduces carbon emissions, boosts data security, and provides clients with a path to meeting their own climate change commitments. CircleIT is here to help you while creating a better world for everyone.