Expanding ITAD Access  Via  Digital  Solution  Helps  to  Create a Circular  Economy

Expanding ITAD Access  Via  Digital  Solution  Helps  to  Create a Circular  Economy

At the core of CircleIT’s operations is the mission to foster more circularity in the Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry by focusing on repurposing instead of recycling data-bearing electronic devices. And no program has increased CircleIT’s capacity to achieve this goal more than its digital service offering. Historically, ITAD companies have offered their services exclusively to large organizations, ignoring the 250,000 small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. and millions of everyday consumers. CircleIT is now able to reach these neglected markets. Anyone from consumers, a small local business, or a Fortune 500 company, can sustainably dispose of their old, slow, and broken electronics while ensuring data security by CircleIT’s Department of Defense level data erasure technology.


Through this digital solution, virtually anyone can start unburdening themselves of their derelict electronics through CircleIT’s website. After selecting “Circle My Device,” customers can register their items, immediately receive a QR shipping code, and bring their devices to the nearest FedEx Print & Ship center, where a trained FedEx employee will pack and ship the device to our facility. All for a cost of $12 per device.


The benefits that consumers and SMBs can now capture are profound. Not only can they be assured that their old, slow, and broken electronics will be processed in a sustainable manner, but that their data will be permanently erased and never seen by anyone else. CircleIT holds the highest level of data destruction certifications and adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.


It is not just previously neglected markets that can benefit from CircleIT’s digital solution. Corporations can use this digital solution as an HR benefit for their employees and as a sustainable and efficient channel to handle the ITAD needs of their continually expanding remote workforce.


HR benefit programs are vital to attracting new employees and retaining existing staff. Although they vary greatly, they typically include medical insurance, a retirement plan, paid-time-off, and discounts with certain retailers, among other perks. CircleIT’s digital solution can be seamlessly included as an additional benefit, helping employees access an easy, sustainable, and secure resource to dispose of their personal data-bearing electronics. In addition to an added HR benefit, companies can also include CircleIT’s digital solution as part of their sustainability initiatives. For example, on Earth Day, a company can be issue CircleIT coupons to their employees. The coupons would allow their employees to securely and sustainably dispose of their data-bearing devices while helping to mitigate climate change and the e-waste crises. In addition to creating a positive experience for their employees, this program also provides benefits to companies in the form of security and ESG. Many employees have personal devices that contain company information. When CircleIT permanently erases the data, it helps prevent sensitive company information from getting into the hands of outsiders. And for corporations enlisted in CircleIT’s Environmental, Social, and Governance Program, the social and environmental benefits of their employees' devices being responsibly put into the circular economy will be quantified and provided to the company in their CircleIT certified ESG report.


The Covid-19 pandemic has expedited the trend toward remote working. And even in a post-Covid world, remote work might persist. According to a recent study, an estimated 29% of work in the U.S. could be done remotely with no productivity loss. This growing remote workforce will place undue strains on IT departments' logistics and the environment. Under traditional practice, IT departments collect remote electronics individually before shipping them to an ITAD company. This back-and-forth shipping is expensive, adds climate driving emissions, and can lead to the improper packaging and handling of devices.


CircleIT’s digital solution is designed to serve even the largest remote workforces. CircleIT simplifies shipping logistics, ensures the protection of devices throughout packaging and shipping via our partnership with FedEx, and upholds industry-leading sustainability and security practices. IT departments can provide CircleIT coupons directly to their employees, track the safe journey of the device to our facility, and will be provided with detailed device status, data erasure and audit reports.


Creating a circular economy should not be seen as daunting or costly but as a way to make our lives more meaningful and the economy more efficient. CircleIT has embraced this concept, and through its digital offering, has found a way to build a circular economy while providing unprecedented value to businesses of all sizes and consumers everywhere. See what CircleIT can do for you.