Introducing CircleIT’s ESG Match Program

Introducing CircleIT’s ESG Match Program

CircleIT’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) program offers its corporate clients the opportunity to participate in a unique industry offering. As part of CircleIT’s ESG program, CircleIT will match client contributions to a carbon offset purchase program and/or a social impact accelerator.

Central to CircleIT’s mission is to maximize its ability to reduce the carbon footprint of its corporate client’s technology disposal program. Within the Match Program, carbon offset purchasing is an additional tool that clients can utilize to meet their environmental commitments. Carbon offsets are credits purchased from projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through increasing renewable energy usage or removing existing emissions through nature-based solutions that sequester GHGs. Once a carbon offset is purchased, the credit offsets the equivalent amount of emissions released by the purchasing enterprise. For example, a company can purchase carbon offsets to mitigate the emissions of employee travel.

Through the match program, carbon offset credits will help CircleIT’s corporate clients be one step closer to carbon neutrality or even become net positive (sequestering more GHGs than they emit). To ensure CircleIT offers its clients high-quality and verified carbon offsets, it has partnered with fellow B Corporation Native Energy, as well as Nori. Both organizations are high-capacity and reputable carbon offset entities that provide varying project options and geographic coverage. All offset credits are non-transferable and logged in a registry, ensuring that no credit will count twice.

But beyond climate change, CircleIT is also providing participating clients in the Match Program with the option to accelerate their social impact, addressing a wide range of issues aligned with their own corporate giving strategy. The growth of socially conscious corporations is not a fad but a trend that will continue to envelop the private sector.

Founder and CEO of Renegade Global, Amy Jo Martin, has been prophetic about this movement, stating, “We’ll continue to see more and more brands integrate social causes, charitable components, and environmental issues as underlying themes to their campaigns and messaging.” And the data backs up her assertion. The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) State of Corporate Citizenship 2022 Report states that companies that align corporate citizenship programs with corporate strategy achieve maximum business and social value. The report found that “nearly 70% of executives report success in achieving business objectives when corporate citizenship is integrated with overall business strategy."

CircleIT will provide clients with a report on the social impact of their investment, helping to accelerate a client’s social impact and corporate citizenship goals. CircleIT is committed to turning profit into purpose, and the match program expands the reach and impact of its clients’ IT assets.

CircleIT’s match program is just the latest addition to a pioneering ESG program that makes sustainable ITAD a more popular option with corporations. Clients already receive, at no additional expense, carbon-neutral logistics to ship their devices plus the ability to attribute the environmental accomplishments of CircleIT and its partners on their external ESG reports. This robust program provides a gateway for company sustainability leaders to incorporate e-waste disposal into their action plans on environmental stewardship, social impact, and corporate governance. Especially when it comes to reducing scope 3 emissions.  CircleIT strives to build a circular economy and while helping clients achieve their ESG goals.

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