The way employees live and work is changing. Work-from-anywhere approaches are more popular than ever and businesses like yours have increased environmental, financial, and social responsibility to protect corporate data and properly dispose of IT devices—both in your office and in the homes of remote employees across the country.

Our secure, transparent, and compliant mail-in device disposal programs help you protect corporate data while also doing good for the planet. We offer flexible solutions that your company and your employees can use to securely dispose of work and personal IT equipment so their parts can be reused in new devices around the world. 

The simple way to ensure corporate IT devices are recovered properly—no matter where they are.


A unique program that helps your employees dispose of their personal devices while also helping your company reach ESG goals.


We're nothing like traditional ITAD programs. We completely rethought the ITAD process and designed a solution that is better suited for the modern workforce—one that puts sustainability first and offers you more flexibility than ever before.

Chain of Custody
In CircleIT's streamlined process, no unnecessary people handle sent devices. Each device goes from the customer's hand, to the FedEx associate's hand, to CircleIT's Processing Facility where it is wiped and regenerated.
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
Devices are picked up in a truck that makes many stops before consolidating equipment at the shipping center. Each stop is another potential risk for your data to be stolen.
CircleIT uses a custom built portal called TrackIT. You can see the history of sent devices and know what happens to them throughout the process, as well as access verified reports for each device (e-impact, data destruction, data cleansing).
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
The ability to track shipments and devices is provided, but there's no detailed breakdown of what's happening to your devices.
Equipment Integrity
Devices are packed professionally by the shipping provider to ensure the equipment is safe and secure so it can be repurposed.
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
Clients are instructed to pack their own devices which can lead to improper packaging that leaves each device vulnerable to damage during transit.
Financial Variability (Predictable Cost)
With one flat fee for the entire process, you always know how much you're paying upfront. Plus, CircleIT is an extremely low cost option (in some cases, no cost).
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
Use Fee+Revenue Share contracts that contain larger fees plus freight charges for each asset. Refurbished parts must sell at a certain level or your costs will be very high. Also, since devices are not packaged professionally, there's a higher rate of damaged goods received.
CircleIT's goal isn't to just recycle, it's to repurpose parts and regenerate as many devices as possible to support the circular economy. The main focus is helping the planet.
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
Other services repurpose some devices, but they often prioritize recycling over regeneration to lower costs. The main focus is making profit.
Third Party Certifications
CircleIT meets or exceeds all industry certifications to protect personal data. Plus, as a certified B Corporation, CircleIT meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
Traditional Mail-in Device Disposal Services
Meets baseline industry standards and certifications to protect personal data.