Remote Office Recovery

Circle your devices
After receiving their new work device, employees visit our site to select the device they'd like CircleIT to repurpose using a unique discount code specific to your company.
Drop off at FedEx
Employees receive a shipping code via email and take the devices to any FedEx Office Print and Ship Center. FedEx scans the code and packs the items for them—no printing labels, no searching for boxes, and no packing the devices themselves.
We receive, wipe and repurpose your devices
We wipe the data from each device while saving as much material as possible for reuse. If any parts remain, we sustainably dispose of them at no extra charge.
You get certificates within 30 days
Your business receives certificates of data erasure/destruction and environmental impact and gains access to TrackIT, our transparent reporting portal.

Benefits of Remote Office Recovery


It's vital that your customers' personal information and your corporate data is kept private and secure, so our process is 100% transparent. Through TrackIT you'll receive updates on what's happening to your devices as well as access to data destruction certificates and e-impact reports, and even see how the parts from each device are being reused.

Keep corporate information safe

With CircleIT, your business can securely dispose of and track used devices to protect corporate data. Our processes are independently certified and NIST 800-88 compliant to ensure we meet or exceed every relevant industry standard, and our compliance requirements include federal regulations such as RCRA, CWA, CAA, CERCLA, HIPAA, FINRA, OSHA, and DOT. From the moment devices make it to our factory, you are given full transparency into how we're protecting, handling, and erasing your data.

NIST ISO 1901 AAA Certified OHSAS 18001

Do more good for the planet

Join a global movement that defines success as not only best IN the world, but best FOR the world. With CircleIT, you can help reduce e-waste by keeping more devices out of landfills and in use. We're committed to creating a more circular economy and we make it simple for you to help us reach that goal. Because the easier we can make it for you to do good things with your old technology, the more good we can all do for the world.


Data protection and asset recovery for the modern workforce. Learn more about Remote Office Recovery.